The Consultant strives to be your preferred distribution partner, when it comes to tactical equipment and clothing for all conditions.

When Knowledge and Experience Matters

The Consultant is a distributor with a primary focus on professional military personel. We deliver complete tactical solutions, including both all-conditions clothing and equipment. The Consultant has been founded on a strong foundation of knowledge and experience.

Our Strong Foundation

Providing military personal with tactical solutions, is something that we have been doing for quite some time. However, we have now decided, to establish this is an official subdivision of our main company The Good Karma Company.

With our roots in the outdoor industry, we are able to provide professional personel, with some of the best tactical clothing and equipment. We have both the experience and the knowledge – this is The Consultant.

Always Ready to Support You

At The Consultant we stand ready to provide our professional guidance and support. We strive to deliver a strong experience, and establish a relationship in which you can benefit from our knowledge.

Efficient and Structured Logistics

The Consultant is located in Denmark and has a high level of experience within distribution, enabling us to deliver both fast, efficient and secure.

Why Choosing Us?

We are confident, that our knowledge and experience is something that you will benefit from. We only work with the best brands and only deliver quality equipment, that we have faith in.

High Quality Products

We only provide high quality products, that can stand the challenges of all possible environments.

More For Less

By working with The Consultant you will benefit from our good prices, enabling you to get high quality for a lower price.

Efficient Logistics

We know that logistics can be a painpoint, but we have distribution experience, which allows us to deliver on time!

Reach Us

For any professional inquires, please contact us using the full contact form found here. We strive to answer all inquires within 48 hours. For general questions, you may use the quick form here, or contact us using the phone number.

+45 29 93 80 24


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The Consultant is your go-to gear provider, for military use. Our knowledge and experience within the outdoor industry, enables us to provide you with the best guidance regarding clothing and  equipment.

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