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The Consultant is a firm strictly dedicated in providing military users with the best possible clothing and equipment for all conditions.
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Providing Solutions for Military Personel
The Consultant enables military personal to be geared for any kind of operation no matter the environment. We have an incomparable knowledge and experience with the outdoor industry, which makes us your ideal tactical solutions provider.


Wide selection of clothing for all kinds of environments.


We can provide several kinds of boots and shoes for your needs.


Tactical equipment for numerous of operations.

High Quality Products for Professional Personel

At The Consultant we put a huge effort into finding just the right products with the highest quality possible. We do so, by providing our knowledge to you, so that together we can find just the right equipment.

Efficient Logistics and Fast Support

The Consultant provides you with an efficient logistical system and a fast support, enabling us to offer you with tactical solutions, within a short amount of time.

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For any professional inquires, please contact us using the full contact form found here. We strive to answer all inquires within 48 hours. For general questions, you may use the quick form here, or contact us using the phone number.

+45 29 93 80 24

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The Consultant is your go-to gear provider, for military use. Our knowledge and experience within the outdoor industry, enables us to provide you with the best guidance regarding clothing and  equipment.

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